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Wonderwave Design: Drupal Content Management

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Love drupal

Drupal 7 is a powerful CMS for building dynamic web sites. This robust version is powerful and brings a wealth of improvements to the Drupal platform. The most notable improvements include:

• Ease of Use: The administration UI has been reworked to provide a much more intuitive interface for accomplishing tasks. Modules & themes can now be installed directly via remote URL.

• Scalability: Drupal 7 has been optimized to improve the performance giving your visitors faster load times and giving your site the ability to handle more concurrent visitors.

• Power & Flexibility: You can now add custom fields to anything and the set of most useful & commonly installed themes are included in the core download.

Wonderwave Web Site Design can create or maintain your Drupal website quickly, and most websites are completed in a week or less.

Do not pay extra for SEO services! Wonderwave Web Site Design includes basic SEO in every business site we create:.

• Submit your website's xml sitemap to Major Search Engines.

• Use Best SEO practices for descriptive Page Titles, Images, and Structured Data

• Google Analytics