Website Pricing

Website Pricing

  Starter Site 6-Page 12-Page 20-Page
Website Design Fees* $300 (home page plus 3) $450 $900 $1500
Additional Pages $75 per hour - - -
Up to 2 hours consultation with client concerning Web marketing strategy, site design, general Internet orientation, training, etc. Telephone charges are at client's expense.
Text is supplied by the client. Longer webpages may be subject to additional design fees, especially if they require a great deal of formatting. Please note: our services do not include editing your text. Please supply it to us in the final form you want displayed on the Web.
Custom graphics package
Includes a custom-designed masthead incorporating your company logo, and background
Includes a custom-designed masthead incorporating your company logo, top-of-page graphic, text imagemap bar, background
Additional custom graphics billed at our hourly rate.
Photos or graphics Our prices include limited graphic placement, All time is based hourly. Extra graphic creation will be billed hourly
Response  Forms
$75 per hour
$75 per hour
Advertising to major search engines and directories
Included only with our combined hosting package
Updating Minor updating over the first six months of the contract.

* Please Note: Fees cited above do not include ongoing web hosting fees. We can provide web hosting services: good prices and reliable service. Expect to pay between $12 to $60 monthly, depending upon your site's particular requirements. Set-up fees are typically $50. Also Domain Registration is included with our hosting package, otherwise you may pay about $25 for a domain name registration which is good for one year. Please contact us before selecting a web hosting service or a domain name. Save 10% off design services when using Wonderwave Hosting.

• Shopping Cart-Online Store Development

Fully Featured Shopping Cart customized with your logo, and store color theme

Set up of template,( 4 hours), $500.00
Price for each page (1 hr), $75.00

Shopping Cart Setup Fee Store Admin Configuration:payment, shipping, categories, user logins and server install. $300
Entering in Store Product Text Only, $3 per listing, with photo sizing $6
Logo Development Logo Design, (2 hr min.) $200.00

• Other Design Services

Experienced with Drupal Content Management System. Many of our community sites in Wonder Lake are created and maintained using Drupal. There are many advantages to using Drupal, including superior SEO. If you need more information, please contact us.

Please note source files used in website creation remain the property of Wonderwave, unless specified.