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Social Media Tip: How to properly use Facebook

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using facebook to leverage your website

Drive business to your web site (from Facebook), not away!

Your website should offer unique content that relates to your business. It will naturally enhance your rank in organic search results, without the use of paid advertising.

An example of related content would be product directories, product  manuals (PDFs), white page documents, DIY guides, support documents, or image galleries. Ask your web designer to add a blog style section to your website that allows you to post new content with taxonomy tags. Taxonomy tags are quick links to all pages that has been tagged with the same term.

Use these tips when posting on Facebook

Spending time building out your Facebook page, instead of your business website, is like building your dream house on rented land. It's not a wise investment of your time or money. Instead you should use these simple tips on your FB page to send visitors to your business web pages.

1. Make sure each FB posting has a link back to your website pages (to the page that relates to whatever is being posted) on facebook .

2. New content should appears only on your business website pages, and not the other way around. (Only on Facebook).

3. Create new FB posts that intrigue/teases the FB audience into clicking to your main web site to see your new content. Test your links to make sure they direct visitors correctly back to your website pages.

The more hits your website receives, the more likely your site will rank higher within the search engine results. (ie- it is more likely you will be attracting your target audience. )

Preparing your web pages for FB visitors

On your business web site, use the Add This module to share content to Facebook pages. Facebook Like and Facebook Like Box can also be added for additional feedback.

Use Google Webmaster Tools, along with the XML Sitemap and Google Analytics modules to analyze and improve your sites performance.

Bottom line… Facebook should be driving new visitors to your business web site- not keep your potential visitors corralled away on FB pages.