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I need a website, what do I do now?

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22 years ago websites were fairly simple to create, and everyone used a desktop computer with modem to browse the web. As the web has progressed, web design tools, style guides, and navigation have grown complex, all boosted by bigger internet connections. Many different devices can browse the internet today, and good web design must accommodate all of those devices.

We have many more choices to develope websites today, so how does one pick which platform to build on? A simple search on Google will suggest a combination of cheap hosting packages and software called WordPress. But nothing good, is both cheap and easy. Wonky software, combined with a cheap budget hosting package, and you are asking for more frustration than you deserve. If you want to use WordPress, then please head on over now.

For ease of management and administration use, we prefer Drupal. Wonderwave Design has used Drupal for more than 10 years, first creating websites with Drupal 6. When Drupal 6 reached end of life, we migrated our customers to Drupal 7, using responsive theme designs to comply with Google's Mobile First indexing. Drupal 7 has been around long enough to have good documentation, lots of tutorials, robust modules, and is still the best choice for developing comprehensive web sites.

Wonderwave Design will continue to use Drupal for the majority of our website development. The next version, Drupal 8 has progressed until the core with a few modules can provide everything needed for a basic website. As more advanced modules are ported over, and the core continues to develop more features, Drupal 8 will meet the future needs for more and more websites.

If you need a website, should you download a free copy of Drupal and begin to install it yourself? Probably not. Drupal is powerful, used by many large organizations, but is most likely overkill for casual blog use. There is a steep learning curve, and much of the documentation is tersely written, with the implication that you have basic skills, understand the terminology and know how to install and edit software.

Your best strategy is to work with a designer who can build out the framework, and also maintain the site for you. All web sites are secure only as long as security patches are timely applied. If you have had a website built several years ago, (particularly WordPress) and have never maintained it, then your website is vulnerable to hackers.

Wonderwave Design specializes not only in creating a framework to suit your exact needs, but we also provide training and will maintain your website, keeping it up to date, and secure. Not everyone wants to develop their programming skills, and spend hours learning how to edit or maintain their own web site. You can choose to add your own content through the easy built-in Drupal admin interface, or rely on Wonderwave Design to maintain your website updates as needed.

Wonderwave offers very fair and balanced pricing. If you have gotten quotes from website vendors, you have not done your due diligence until you have gotten a quote from Wonderwave Design. We have lower overhead costs, simply because we are knowledgable about all phases of development and can create complex websites using less resources.

Advertising service providers may entice customers with "free" or low introductory bait and switch pricing. These advertising firms often control everything, including the domain name registration, and SEO accounts, making it near impossible for the client to ever leave, or even download a working copy of their website. Whenever you want to take back control, just contact us, we can help with difficult circumstances.

If you think the competition's services are any better than ours, because their inventive pricing bundles, or charismatic sales people, think again! We provide the same expertise, design, and offer even faster completion time. And we will continue to support, and maintain your website for as long as you need it, without nickel and diming. Just ask our customers!