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Facebook: Love it or Leave it?

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Facebook use of private user data

So what will happen to Facebook after all the 2018 revelations about their business practices? Throughout 2018 privacy violations against Facebook users continue to be revealed again and again. To recap the last 12 months:

  • February 2018: FBI reports Facebook assisted Russian Trolls prior to the 2016 election
  • March 2018: Fake Facebook News about muslims sparks riots and deaths in Myanmar. Facebook gave Cambridge Analytical unpresidented access to 87m users private data.
  • June 2018: Revealed that Facebook also struck deals over private user data with Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Blackberry
  • July 2018: More reports about special "deals" sharing private user data including with Russia. More fake Facebook accounts linked to Russia are closed down.
  • September 2018: Facebook let employers target their help wanted ads by gender and ethnicity. Facebook also gets hacked: 30m accounts targeted.
  • October 2018: Facebook has been lying to advertisers and publishers by inflating how much time users actually spent watching videos.
  • November 2018: Facebook covered up more aspecs about Russia election scandal and bizarrely ordered opposition research on George Soros and other critics of Facebook.
  • December 2018: Facebook once again caught selling access to private user data.
  • January 2019: Facebook caught tracking user habits as young as 13 with their creepy app, also in clear breach of Apple's terms. In a stern rebuke Apple also pulled Facebooks developer app license.

The above list reads like a conspiracy theorist rant, but all of these stories were published by main stream news sources.

Note that while Facebook is "celebrating" it's 15th year in business during 2019. It seems that almost every claim of bias and misuse of personal data allegded by Facebook for the last decade, really did happen.

Facebook (and Google) already dominates the marketing and advertisng sector for mobile advertising. Facebook (and Google) will continue to harvest private user data, and monetize every available aspect of their users information, in part to better target those users for their advertisers and publishers.

As the curtain is pulled back from Facebook, we can certainly see that the user has become the product. In this new world order of online news and entertainment nothing should be believed without a thorough fact checking.

Caveat emptor "Let the buyer beware"