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Example of how Facebook hurts your Brand

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Does Facebook help or hurt your brand?

You lovingly create your Facebook page to promote your business. You faithfully post pictures and keep your FB "fans" up to date on your latest product offerings.

You are just following the advise that you get from Facebook, and SEO "professionals."

You know you are right, because you are bombarded daily by SEO "experts" offering that they can increase your business by garnering FB Likes. You think, "OK...if FB Likes are good for business, I'll keep my FB page up to date." (My 2 cents- never ever take the advice of a SEO spammer)...

Here is how Facebook treats you in return, when you link to your business sales page...

The rest of the internet, when you click a link, you go to the content. Not in Facebook Land. Here you get a landing page. Why?

Let take a look at the psychology behind this behavior.

1.First option is to Sign up or Sign in to Facebook. Here is Facebook putting themselves first again.

2. Only on Facebook is clicking an external link deserving of the message, "Something went wrong." The only mistake here is thinking Facebook cares about you at all.

3. Long message that begins with “Sorry” implies there is something wrong with the link, or that it might be "dangerous" in some way... is Facebook trying to scare away your potential customers?

4. Notice how the First button option is "Go Back" and it's highlighted by the use of color, suggesting you should not continue and instead go back into your "safe" Facebook page corral.

Baa Baa - don't be a sheep! Ignore the blue warning triangle next to the Follow Link! Don't let Facebook keep you from experiencing new opportunities!

Next, lets look at Facebook stats. What is your conversion rate? How many visitors from Facebook actually go to your Business site?

Sue Sullivan from Howl at the Moon shared her recent results. After posting new content on her business Facebook page, barely 5% visited her business sales page. Conversion rate into actual customers was even harder to compute.

As webmaster for many websites, I see the average Facebook conversion of visitors that visit their business pages at 1% or even lower! Facebook algorithm changes since late 2013 are pushing down brand-issued text posts, forcing FB page business owners to pay for ads - if they want their content seen at all.

Bottom line: the time you invest into your Facebook Business page is not likely to ever live up to the hype.

UPDATE 6/22/14: Social Media Analysts have now concluded that organic referrals from your facebook page are non-existent. The only way to direct facebook users to your website is through paid Facebook advertising, which is becoming more expensive, as it is now your only option to advertise your brand on facebook. Sue Sullivan reports that with paid advertising, she increased her facebook traffic to 15%.