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Digital Advertising set to beat traditional advertising

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Digital Advertising overtakes traditional advertising

It is expected that 2019 is the year when traditional advertising is surpassed by digital advertising.
Digital advertising is expected to increase by nearly 20% to $129 billion, while traditional advertising will fall 19% to $110 billion.

Google's market share is about 37-38%. Facebook share is 21-22%. Amazon is expected to expand their business advertising by 50% to 9%.

Amazon's ad platform is backed by shoppers' behavioral data, which is can be used to target shoppers in realtime.

There has never been a better time to invest in online advertising campaign which can attract shoppers by using customized demographics.

The rise of digital advertising is also why newspapers, magazines and even career journalism are clinging to life.

Traditional advertising was newspapers main source of revenue. As their advertising revenue shrinks, traditional media companies are expanding into other sources of income to stay afloat.

Some have sucessfully adopted pay to view subscriptions for their news articles, while others have branch out into marketing custom products like wine to make ends meet.

Obviously as advertising revenues shrink, it will affect the news that is being reported, and also news that is being concealed for a fee.

Recently it was revealed that the poorly written National Enquirer, often found in checkout aisles, has used catch and conceal for damaging celebrity articles for many years.

They also will prominetly display damaging articles for profit as well. For many decades people recognized the National Enquirer as a purveyor of fake celebrity news and alien head babies. One can only hope that this form of sensationalized fake news marketing will hurry up and died out as digital marketing expands.