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Facebook profits soar from Fake News

Public Opinion Shaped By Russian Bots

Facebook now has more than 1.8 billion users who log on every month and more than 1.2 billion users who do so every day. Over 1 billion of Facebook’s daily users access the site primarily on their phones or tablets and that number grew by 23 per cent in the latest quarter of 2016. Mobile ad revenue made up about 84 per cent of the company’s total ad revenue. Facebook also said it earned $12.4 billion in income from operations in 2016, nearly double the total from 2015 ($6.2 billion).

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How Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views

facebook hurts content creators

Facebook just announced 8 billion video views per day. This number is made out of lies, cheating and worst of all: theft. All of this is widely known but the media giant Facebook is pretending everything is fine, while damaging independent creators in the process. How does this work?

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Why Choose A One Page Web Design

elements of a one page design

A one page web design is about simplicity. The goal of a single page website is to put everything necessary on one page, usually your home page.

By putting the essential information about your goods or services on one page, you are making easier for your potential customers to see what you offer and contact you easily.

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Do You Need Social Media?

  • Simplify by selecting 1-2 platforms
  • Select platform based on your target audience (Go where they are!)
  • Bond through 'Connect & Engage'
  • Newsletters - Build an email list to Connect
  • Use Video Media to Engage