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Wooded Shores Homeowners

Homeowner Associations like WSPIA are usually managed by volunteers, and the website depends on the abilities of their revolving board members. A site may do well for a year or two, until a new board member is appointed, and then it languishes, out of date and untended, until the day another member is appointed that will be eager to take it on again. Wonderwave Web Design is great at keeping your Homeowner Association website up to date. No site is too small!


Wonderwave supports the award winning Wonder Lake Water Show Ski Team, and assists in keeping their web pages up to date. The most recent website design update is a responsive theme, that will display properly on tablets and smart phones.


The Wonder Lake Fire Protection District is located in Wonder Lake, IL. Our district is about 12 square miles and covers mostly residential with some commercial and little industrial. Our community is split down the middle by our lake which is a 4.5 mile long man made lake. We operate on a paid on call/paid on premise basis.

The WLFPD no longer had a webmaster among their members and was looking for an updated website design that would be easy to manage, yet informative to the public.

Wonder Lake News and Events

The Wonder Lake Chamber of Commerce, rebranded and updated for 2019, merged with Woodstock Chamber in 2020. Mobile Friendly, the site had included a searchable member directory, Event calendar, News, membership administration, custom reporting and built in email subscription newsletter system. The website will now promote two annual events held each year in Wonder Lake, the 4th of July Celebrations, and Christmas Walk.

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