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Facebook: Love it or Leave it?

Facebook use of private user data

So what will happen to Facebook after all the 2018 revelations about their business practices? Throughout 2018 privacy violations against Facebook users continue to be revealed again and again. To recap the last 12 months:

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You Are The Product

people are the product

The Internet is a great source of information, and entertainment, but that is not all. Everything we do on the commercial internet is logged and analyzed.

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How to Secure Your Privacy

secure your privacy

Recently Congress voted to erase landmark broadband privacy protections, allowing internet providers to sell your internet browsing history.

You may be concerned about this, and there are a few things you can do about it.

• Check your account settings and opt out of any tracking.

• Use a Private or Incognito Browser window to browse the internet

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Do You Need Social Media?

  • Simplify by selecting 1-2 platforms
  • Select platform based on your target audience (Go where they are!)
  • Bond through 'Connect & Engage'
  • Newsletters - Build an email list to Connect
  • Use Video Media to Engage